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Yellow Yam LLC

Who we are

Yellow Yam LLC Is fusing health&nutrition with fitness through organic diets, Catering, consultancy and Physical activities.

Yellow Yam LLc is a token of joy to the community and the environment around it. Yellow Yam LLC focus on the safety and development stages of a person or environment.
Our mission is to reach the people. We have created a lifestyle that is very simple and its elements are as easy to follow.
Yellow Yam LLC Believe that by educating, being involved in the community and environment around, we can learn as well as doing a lot for the people.
Our vision, we envision that by developing programs, activities, and nutritional diets, we can help address some of the health issues that society face.
What we do?
Yellow Yam LLC provide fitness activities to help an individual or persons to set a realistic goal. In order to reach a point of physical, mental, emotional and social wellness.
Personal training
Dance/ development skills
Yoga/ Mix martial art/ Art
Dietary programs
Nutritional program

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What we do

Fitness Training.
Nutritional Plan(diet)
Health Consultant
Yoga (Meditation)

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